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What is a bike fitting?

Google tells us about this:

Bike fitting is nothing more than adjusting a bike and all of its components so that it perfectly fits the individual body measurements.

Ok, then let's make something different out of it: Bikefitting 2.0? A new name is wanted!

Bike fitting is about much more.

Is it about the "correct knee angle"? Is it about the knee plummet, which should fall right through the pedal axis?
Sit bone measurement on corrugated cardboard?

I think that time is over and we're getting into very precise analysis of the athlete's movement and interaction with the contact points.

Interaction with the contact points? What do you mean with that?

Let's assume you have chosen a bike fitter who works exclusively with video analysis. There, joint angles are determined - more or less precisely.

How could this variant help you with a comfort problem on the saddle?

In the first step there could be a small improvement - the really precise setting of the saddle height takes place with the help of the gebioMized saddle pressure measurement. These measurements make it possible to get the last millimeters out and build up less pressure on the saddle, realizing less movement of the pelvis and thus less friction. In addition to saddle comfort, all these aspects always bring you improved power transmission.

You don't care about improved power transmission? You just want to enjoy your after-work rides with your buddies. Quickly adjust the cleats correctly?

That too is a wonderful thought. Do you know what I have in mind? Joint health. Your knees will thank you if you can show even power transmission over both legs.

My experience from 11 years of bike fitting is as follows
A saddle height adjusted to the millimeter always ensures power transmission and thus joint health!
Thomas Pollesche - 2021
Besides the saddle adjustment, what else is checked?

Do the cycling shoes fit?

This is again about the direct connection between comfort and efficiency.

How motivated and strong will you be pedaling when you're plagued by numbness while cycling? Start the next town sign sprint or interval when the soles of your feet are burning?

All this is no fun and is of course a signal from the body. And now we come to an interesting point.

You have not yet had a professional bike fitting (e.g. according to gebioMized standards) and your seat height will be improved. In the following trips do you notice that your toes are becoming numb or that the soles of your feet are starting to burn?

Your bike fitter has probably not taken care of the important contact point foot, so that higher forces on the foot/shoe/pedal cause problems.

That won't happen to you with me. With me you will always find a selection of shoes that fit a wide variety of foot types.
Your athletic ability

How agile are you? How stable are you in your core?

Are you a desk clerk? Sitting in the home office?

At this point at the latest, all general formulas break down and the development of a serious seating position for a cyclist begins to get exciting.

Mobility has a huge impact on rider positioning on the bike.

How can you position your pelvis on the saddle? Standing steeply up or tilting slightly forward.

If you are good at tilting forward, is it also possible for you to muscularly stabilize your upper body in this position?

We test all of this as part of the bike fitting to design your position.

The first bike fitting always marks the beginning of a journey.

Physical performance changes - you become more flexible or stronger in the middle of the body.

But sometimes it also goes backwards and performance deteriorates. This has happened and seen in the numerous follow-up appointments that we carry out to update the seating position. Especially in the autumn and winter of 2020/2021, many circumstances came to light that unbalanced a fundamentally serious cyclist.

What happened in 2020? Many cyclists work from home, in less-than-ideal workplaces. The fitness and yoga studios were closed, which many took as an opportunity to stop the additional training.

This was often compounded by the fact that there was much more time for cycling. Significantly more annual kilometers with a skirt stressed by working from home that has not received any more balancing training

100% hit!
The position must be updated regularly! Every body is subject to constant changes!
Thomas - Bike Academy Berlin

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