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Comfort on the bike begins with the right saddle. It doesn't matter whether it's a racing bike, MTB or triathlon bike. The right saddle not only determines comfort and avoids numbness, sore riding or pressure - it also has a significant influence on pedaling efficiency.

The comfort-oriented cyclist is often familiar with the SQ-Lab saddles. The distance between the sit bones is measured with a piece of corrugated cardboard in an upright sitting position. The salesman pulls the right saddle off the shelf and kindly mounts it on the customer's bike. With the words "such a saddle has to be run in" the customer is dismissed.

Cyclists with a mounted SQ-Lab saddle often find themselves sitting too far forward in the bike fitting. They are shocked to find that they are not sitting on the seat but on the nose of the saddle.

We avoid this phenomenon with the saddle pressure measurement

Of course, there are numerous other saddle brands that, depending on the requirements, provide pleasant results and thus avoid numbness, soreness and pressure.

With the pressure measurements on the saddle, we can find areas of the highest pressure and eliminate these problems. With these measurements, I bring the cyclist's anatomy in line with the material.

When changing a saddle, we recommend that our Bike Fitting customers seek advice on the saddle. Information from the bike fitting (riding style, cadence, mobility, etc.) is incorporated into the choice of saddle.

We recommend the complete package for optimizing the seating position to anyone who has not yet undergone a bike fitting with us. Saddle problems are regularly caused by poor positioning of the athlete on the bike. If it becomes necessary to change the saddle during bike fitting, all the necessary information is collected in this process.

You can choose between saddles from Fizik, ISM, SQ-Lab, Pro and Selle Italia and the saddles from the Secret Saddle Club!

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Maßgefertigte Sättel für Radsportler.

For special situations: custom saddles made from 3D construction!

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Secret Saddle Club

A circle of saddle specialists - for your comfort on the bike.

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