Bikefitting und Kaufberatung in Berlin.
Starting with professional and independent measuring an recommendation for your next bike - and dialing in a Highend biomechanical optimised position on your bike. For Cyclists, Triathlet and Time Trailists.

We keep you on the road - healthy and painfree!

Vermesung und Beratung vor dem Radkauf - Bike Sizing in Berlin

Bike Sizing

The neutral purchase advice gives you all the necessary information to choose the right material.

Bike Sizing

With the neutral purchase advice you get all the information to secure the purchase of your new bike. In addition to a classic measurement, we test the geometries on the fit bike - a first opportunity to get a feel for the bike of your choice. In addition, you will receive a clear recommendation for the purchase of cycling shoes!

Sitzposition optimieren im Bikefitting des gebioMized ConceptLab Berlin.


The first sitting position on your new bike or the optimization of an existing position - use the expertise and train without any problems!


Be smart and save yourself the time of experimenting with your seating position. With our professional and well-founded bike fitting process, we adjust your position on the bike. So you can quickly enjoy the time on the bike!

Radschuhberatung vor dem Kauf! Professionelles Analyse der Fußsituation und Empfehlung des passenden Radschuhs.

Cycling shoe advice

Professional analysis of the foot situation and recommendation of the right cycling shoe.

Road bike, triathlon or gravel bike? It doesn't matter - we'll help you!


Avoid spending several hundred euros as a student and enjoy our professional advice on your next cycling shoe! Shoes to try on on site.

Besser sitzen! Sattelbratung für Radfahrer und Triathleten.


Recommendation for your next saddle!

Your next Saddle

Are you struggling with your saddle? Are you sore or annoyed by numbness? Then we should talk!

Power und Schmerzfreiheit aus dem Radschuh. Das Innenleben deines Radschuhs zählt. Maßsohlen aus Berlin

Custom Insoles

Individual cycling/triathlon-specific soles for more comfort and optimized power transmission.

Custom Footbed for Cyclingshoes

Experience a completely new level of comfort in cycling shoes and performance in power transmission. Individually & 3D designed for each cycling shoe.

Sitzposition immer aktuell halten. Bikefitting in Berlin als Prozess.


Regular updates for your position!


With our sophisticated FollowUp system, your seating position is always adapted to the current conditions.

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