Do you expect a lot of comfort from wide SIDI cycling shoes or Northwave models? More space with a wide triathlon shoe?

If you have fallen asleep toes or burning soles while cycling, some background knowledge about the foot will help!

The foot is connected to the lower leg by the short foot bones. These include the tarsal bones arranged in two rows, the metatarsal bones and the phalanxes, which correspond in number and shape to the phalanxes.

Starting with the first toe, the toes get progressively smaller and, with the exception of the big toe, consist of three limbs. Viewed from the metatarsus, the first of these three limbs is called the profimal, the second the medial, and the third the thistle.

The foot bones are connected to each other and to the leg bones by fibrous joint capsules, which are reinforced by ligaments.

The ligaments not only imparted strength and resilience, but also the mobility necessary for walking and cycling.

The arch of the foot

The sole of the foot has a substructure made of a fat body that absorbs shock and has a cushioning effect, but is so stable that it cannot slip under the forces exerted when walking and cycling.

The sole of the foot can be divided into the heel, the outer ligament, the longitudinal arch and the ball of the foot.

The static and stability of the foot is largely responsible for effective movement when cycling. An unstable foot is often associated with an unstable knee. A stabilized foot can regularly massively reduce the movement of the hips on the saddle.

This is usually done with cycling specific custom insoles.

If toes have fallen asleep, it is essential to critically question the selected cycling shoe model. I strongly recommend measuring the foot including shoe advice to avoid major problems.

If the soles of the feet are burning, the size of the shoe should be checked.

With the gebioMized pressure measurements in the cycling shoe, we discover even the smallest problem arising from pressure or instability - our eye in the shoe!
Druckmessungen im Radschuh im Bikefitting - Bike Academy Berlin
Druckmessungen im Radschuh im Bikefitting - Bike Academy Berlin
Why have I tormented myself with foot pain while cycling for so long?
Katharina - Rennradfahrerin aus Neubrandenburg im Bikefitting

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