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  • Do I get all the data on the seating position in the purchase advice?
    In our 60-minute buying guide, we cover your needs for a new bike, recommend shoes, measure your body, test it on the SizeCycle and evaluate the information. Quite a lot for 60 minutes :-)

    This does not result in any data that we can publish as position data with a clear conscience. Our claim to the seat position optimization is much higher.

    We are happy to work out your individual seating position with the new bike in bike fitting: With our highly sensitive measurement technology, we ensure all contact points for comfort and efficiency. No guesswork - we measure!
  • Can we work out the right crank length?
    Of course!

    With our experience from bike fittings, the importance of the crank length is clearly recognised. With our SizeCycle (a high-end measuring device that can be adjusted in all dimensions) we can start a series of tests using highly sensitive measuring technology and clearly determine the ideal length of your crank.
  • I don't have any cycling clothing yet - can I still come?
    Of course !

    Every newcomer is welcome! Ideally, you should bring short sports pants and sports shoes. We will be happy to give you tips on cycling clothing and shoe recommendations.
  • My cycling shoes are uncomfortable! Do you have a recommendation for the right cycling shoe?
    We would be happy to give you a shoe recommendation in the purchase advice. We scan your feet for this and thus receive important information about the dimensions of your foot. So the decision for the right shoe was quickly made!
  • What do I do if I come across another great bike after the purchase advice?
    We won't leave you alone! If, after completing the insightful bike sizing, you come across another bike on your own, you are welcome to send us the link to this bike and we will be happy to check it quickly via the database.
  • How long does the Bikesizing last?
    We take 60 minutes for your bike sizing!
  • Do I have to remember everything or write it down?
    No, you will receive detailed documentation of the purchase advice.
  • What do I have to bring?
    We need you to be in a good mood, with the cycling shoes you may already have and your cycling clothing.

    If you don't have any cycling clothing yet, shorts and sports shoes will suffice.
  • Where can I park?
    Looking for a parking space? Do not worry! With us you park in a reserved parking space directly in front of the shop.

    If you come by bike, you are welcome to bring it with you to the shop!

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