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  • Why an info call?

    After a decade of buying advice and bike fittings with a wide variety of customers, one point has emerged.

    In order to ensure the success of the appointment, the appointment must be ideally prepared. It's not just about your questions, your goals and problems, but also about the ideal time for your fitting appointment.

    What material should you bring with you, what can I do to prepare the appointment perfectly for you?

    AND: Can I help you with your problems?

    Questions that I would like to answer immediately in a first conversation before making an appointment in order to be able to offer you the perfect service.

    In this compact telephone call we will discuss all relevant points and find a suitable date for you.

    I look forward to meeting you!

    Book your appointment now!

  • What happens when my bike is to bis or to small?
    In any case, you should come out of the appointment with information that will help you progress! We give you the opportunity to switch directly to a purchase guide and we check which bike suits you better on our Shimano SizeCycle and with the support of our extensive databases.
  • Are saddles in stock to solve problem?
    The importance of the right saddle is clearly recognised! Of course we can test other saddles in the fitting if necessary. If you already have a selection of saddles, you are welcome to bring up to two saddles with you.
  • How long does the bike fitting take?
    Take yourself three hours of time and enjoy the process.
  • After the fitting, is there a contact person who will continue to support me?
    Of course. Keep us posted on your experiences with the new seating position. If you have any problems, we can be contacted and will take care of the last bit of well-being as quickly as possible.

    Our regular follow-up appointments ensure systematic further development in terms of mobility, stability, aerodynamics, pedaling technique and power output.
  • Do I get an evaluation and can I use it to enter another bike?
    You will receive very detailed documentation with all dimensions, information from the pressure and stability measurements at the contact points with the bike, screenshots from the videos and a detailed summary of our results.

    You can use this information from a racing bike fitting for your second racing bike. Sometimes a fine tuning of the saddle of the second bike is necessary. It is not possible to duplicate the settings from a racing bike to an MTB or from a racing bike to a triathlon bike.

    If you want to have two bikes from different disciplines adjusted, talk to us directly.
  • What do I have to bring?
    We need you in a good mood, your bike, the shoes and the cycling clothing you use. Please also bring your helmet and, if necessary, your goggles. Are you using gloves? Please bring them too.

    A towel and possibly a banana can't hurt :-)

  • Where can I park?
    Looking for a parking space? Do not worry! With us you park in a reserved parking space directly in front of the shop.

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