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How Cyclists & Triathletes avoid footproblems

Your independent Pre Purchase Advise
Have you bought your shoes by price and color so far? But you weren't happy with these criteria?
Or do you have a special foot? Splayfoot? flat foot? Different shoe sizes? Hallux valgus?

We will assist
Numerous cyclists and triathletes struggle with numb toes and/or burning soles. You don't have to feel like this if you think about your foot before buying cycling shoes - or get help!

How often have cycling shoes been sold according to the motto "at least a thumb's breadth of space forward"? How many athletes stand in cycling shoes that are too long and too tight? I can't count anymore!

Size 42 - allright!
All three feet shown in the picture are size 42. For cyclists and triathletes, the width and height of the shoe is important. If we only look at the width and the position of the relevant bone points here, we realize that only one could fit the classic SIDI shoe :-)

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We will answer your questions!
When it comes to buying cycling shoes, things will be different in 2022! In our buying advice for cycling shoes, we assess the type of foot, foot dimensions (length and width), your personal preferences for the closure system and the area of use.

With this information, the right shoe for a comfortable Sunday ride on a racing bike, gravel bike or the next triathlon is not far away.

We advise you independently of the manufacturer and give you the opportunity to order the right shoe, if necessary, on the Internet.

A selection of road bike, gravel bike and triathlon shoes are available for you.

How do you get the important informations?
We take the time to scan your feet, collect all the necessary information and recommend the right cycling shoe in the right shoe size and width. You will receive the foot scan with all measurements as part of the evaluation.

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Accurate measurement & foot analysis as the basis for shoe selection!

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Further tuning on the cycling shoe for maximum comfort!

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